After being reunited with his beloved Chihuahua, the condition of a 73-year-old man who was on the verge of death began to improve


James Wathen , 73-year-old man , was terminally sick.

His health had not improved for a long time, which was the result of his poor physical condition and mental abilities.

One day the nurses decided to organize a meeting with his beloved chihuahua named Bubba.

It was when his beloved dog visited him that he was in critical condition and on the verge of death.

This story shows once again that animals are not just pets…

The thing is that after Watten was hospitalized, Bubba was taken to an animal shelter, and then he was placed in a foster home


The owner’s absence had been quite hard on Bubba. It was very hard for him as he missed his owner very much.

But their reunion was something that we can call indescribable. When they finally met Wathen hugged his little friend and started crying.

As surprising as it may seem to many, Wathen began to feel better after their meeting.

He seems to have made a complete recovery, for the patient really took a serious turn the next morning.

He was eating and sitting up, being able to do things he had not been able to do before. It just seemed unbelievable to everyone.

Dogs are a real miracle that can completely change our lives!!

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