Meet Hulk the giant pittie that is also the cutest big yօu cօuld ever encounter


Have you met Hulk, the most important Pit Bull on our planet. It’s maybe because they are described as the scariest animal of this planet.

However they can actually become the sweetest ones if you train and educate them effectively. Never let the breed to fool you. They might seem the most terrifying however they can soften you heart with the warmest method.

When only 17 months old this bulldog weighed 173 kilos and was recorded as the most important dog. Do not pay attention to their looks as they can truly scare you, Hulk is full of love and warmth.

He enjoys long lasting cuddles with his human. To be precise their training can also be spectacular as mentioned their best breeders and coaches Malone and Lisa. They say that their energy is unequalled.

They snap a person’s arm if they jump into their lap with full energy. But they do not have that amount of mentality. These doggies are very balanced and sweet.

Marlon and Lisa say that they are amazed with Hulk. They say that no matter how many breeds will come and go they will stay forever. Hulk is an irreplacable part of their life.

He never even though about selling the dog. Lots of people suggested bunch of money to give, but they never agreed. As Hulk is priceless.

Marlon and Lisa educate pups the best way possible. All of them are continuously calm and delicate and so Hulk is not an exception. They trust him so much that even leave their children with him.

Also Hulk is a father who is amazing at that. He does a wonderful job elevating and having pleasure with them. Aren’t they just amazing!

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