Wonderful baby and sweet cat closely watch a couple of window cleaners


A baby curiously observed what was going on as ropes dangled from tall apartment windows. His mother was recording everything as he was joined by a black cat.

Strange white particles were falling from above, and they were a few stories up. The baby and the cat both raised their heads to examine the situation.

A pair of legs suddenly and slowly emerged from the other side of the glass. They were window cleaners who had to work on the building from top to bottom, a difficult job.

The infant gave his mother a confused look when he saw the cleaners. As he watched the cleaners dangle outside, the cat was slowly wagging his tail.

The baby and the cat were keeping a close eye on the two men as they wiped the windows. The cleaners liked the baby because he was smiling.

By making silly faces, the two cleaners played with the baby and the cat. The baby and his mother laughed at them. While they were using the wipers, the cat attempted to catch them.

The window cleaners eventually finished their work. The baby giggled as they waved farewell and vanished from view. He then smiled the biggest as he turned to his mother.

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