Without any hesitation the heroic man jumped into the sewer and rescued little kitten


This heroic man jumped into the drain without hesitation to save the little creature.

Throwing himself into a small well, he saved the stray kitten.

The cameras captured that heroic step, showing how everything happened.

It turned out that a small kitten was hidden in the engine of the car and when the driver returned to his car, the kitten quickly jumped out.

Hearing that the little kitten was left in the sewer, he rushed to help.

As he mentioned, he simply adores animals and no matter how difficult and dangerous it may be, he is always ready to drop everything and rush to save them.

Thanks to his infinite love and care, he managed to save thousands of animals during his life. He did it all because of his heroic efforts.

He says that it is not just love for them, but it seems that they are a part of his blood.

Thus, this time he managed to save the little kitten, who was certainly very grateful to him.

Avi simply deserves millions of our warm words of praise for everything he does.

Avi also made sure that the sweet kitten felt great and took him to the shelter.

How nice it would be if there were more people like Avi.

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