With her amazing performance, the 16-year-old girl proved Simon that he was wrong…


The song “Let It Go” appeared everywhere and it was not going to give up its position for years. A brilliant example of a real hit.

However, this song is quite difficult to perform, because Menzel is able to hit such notes that not all singers can reach.

When this singer first came to participate in this show, at that time Simon gave X to her, while the other judges allowed her to go to the next stage. We are talking about Jodi Byrd who was only 16 years old.

The next time she decided to perform that famous song from Disney.

However, this time she was more than combative and decided to shock everyone with her magical performance. And she really did.

The judges couldn’t help but appreciate her clear ability to hit the notes.

As for Simon, he also completely changed his mind, but he also mentioned that the girl should definitely thank him for pushing that X button, because it makes you dig deeper and become better and better.

For more vivid emotions, just press play and enjoy this wonderful performance.

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