When the pit bull regained his eyesight and saw his foster parents for the first time, his reaction was so melting


A blind pit bull who was neglected his entire life has finally found his forever home.

But that wasn’t all… his happiness just doubled when he managed to get his sight back.

It was so exciting for the sweet dog to see his foster parents for the first time.

When the kind couple decided to become Hazel’s foster parents, they decided to do everything they could to make the dog feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so he was able to roam around the house without getting hurt.

And without a doubt, their efforts were not in vain. After a short time, some good improvements were noticed in Hazel.

They had only one dream – to find a forever home for him, because they were temporary in his life.

The most wonderful thing is that they succeeded. Soon, a very kind-hearted couple, reading the story about Hazel, quickly fell in love with him and decided to adopt him immediately.

It happened when the blind dog was preparing to undergo eye surgery. Fortunately, everything went well and his new family could already come and take him home.

When Hazel first began to see, it was such a sweet and touching moment…

His new family even decided to visit his previous foster parents with the dog so that the pit bull could see the wonderful people who have been so kind and caring to him. He wasn’t able to see, but felt everything…

Their meeting was just very heart-melting as he wanted to thank them very much for everything they did for him.

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