When the jogger saw a severly injured puppy immediately approached to help him


You will be amazed to see how this poor boy has overcome all the challenges of life without a single moment of hesitation.

Our hero’s name is Lilacc, who struggled to survive with a broken jaw and damaged paw.

That’s when a jogger spotted him huddled under a car. It was obvious that he had been treated very badly by both dogs and people.

It seemed to him that the dog would be very scared and would not allow him to approach, but the opposite happened.

When the Good Samaritan approached the car, he got out and seemed to greet him.

It was as if he understood that they had finally come to save him.

The jogger immediately contacted NYC Dogs, who quickly arrived there and took the dog to the clinic.

There the baby quickly received emergency aid and it became clear that the boy had serious injuries in the leg and jaw area.

Despite all that, he still didn’t lose his trust in people and started wagging tail happily when someone approached him.

Amazingly, the sweet dog survived all the bad days. He is so sweet.

It is true that it was not possible to save his leg, but he still had a wonderful future ahead and already did not even feel the absence of one of his legs. Thanks to everyone for the great work they did.

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