When one of the student’s baby began to cry the teacher had an unusual reaction; He is the best


The image of Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Sydney Engelberg holding a crying child in his class has recently gone viral on the internet.

Because of the story behind it, this picture, which was taken by one of his students, has touched many people’s hearts.

Engelberg’s daughter claims that her father, who is originally from South Africa and has 45 years of teaching experience, has a large number of older students because he teaches at the master’s level.

Young single mothers make up a large portion of these students, and they frequently bring their children to class with them.

The photograph of Engelberg holding a crying child in the class is so powerful because he encourages these mothers to bring their children to class rather than separating them.

Engelberg made the decision to hold the child in his arms and soothe him as the photograph’s mother was about to leave.

After that, he carried on as if nothing had happened. When they attend Engelberg’s classes, many students bring their children to class with them, and some even feed their children during class.

Engelberg is unable to comprehend the reason for the photograph’s immense popularity online. His daughter asserts that all of this is completely normal for him.

She goes on to say that this is a very important message that her father wants to share with the rest of the world and that “education is not only the study of theoretical facts in the classroom but the study of values.”

In conclusion, the image of Sydney Engelberg holding a crying child in class serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of compassion and empathy in education.

It also emphasizes the significance of creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all students, including those who may be accompanied by children.

The actions that Engelberg took are a source of motivation for parents and educators all over the world, and his message about the significance of values in education is one that ought to be spread widely.

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