Well nown celebrity Salma Hayek has no plans to stop posting bikini pictures: “I have no shame on it”


Salma Hayek has been consistently sharing two-piece and one-piece selfies on her Instagram.

They’re all from one outing, the 54-year-old entertainer told Entertainment Tonight, and she has definitely no designs to quit posting them or second thoughts sharing such countless pictures.

“I’m happy I took a great deal of pictures, I have no disgrace on it, since it was the principal seven day stretch of the excursion,” she said, making sense of that sharing the shots by and large has been “freeing.”

“I saved my photos; I’m not in a similar condition today, and I’m spreading the adoration out like clockwork,” she conceded. “I will set up another.

I’m practically running out of them, yet I couldn’t say whether you have that inclination, as, 2021!”

Indeed, she’s mindful certain individuals might be ready to move on and not look back, coincidentally. She’s not: “Individuals are tired of it, however I will allow them to enjoy some time off,” she kidded.

“They will believe I’m wearing a two-piece consistently. No, they’re all from a similar area.”

Hayek has 17.3 million Instagram devotees, for setting.

Her keep going swimsuit shot, posted on January 19, moved past 2 million preferences.

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