Well known singer Miranda Lambert loses second canine in closely connected sibling pair after just 9 months


Loss has always been a tough feeling. And no matter you lose a person or your canine you feel a deep pain in your heart. Lately a country music star Miranda Lamberd has announced heartbreaking news.

Her amazing pup Jessi passed away at teh age of 13. She shared this news on her Insta page. Jessie passed away 9 months after her mate Waylon was gone. The family found the two dogs on the roadside in Oklahoma.

In the face of the fact that they are gone they left the girl’s heart with full of love and they were the motivation for her to create the MuttNation foundation. This is a rescue company that helps other pups in need.

Their was a real matter of destiny. Lambert could never imagine meeting dogs on that road but as we can see this happened. As a dog lover she helped them and got the best experience.

And she decided to name them Jessi and Waylon in accordance with the album that was playing on that day in her car.

She said that they were listening to I am Jessi Colter album, And Jessi was Waylon Jenning’s wife and that’s how the pups got their names. And besides their titles on that day the pair got the best momma ever.

However any start gotta have an ending no matter how hard or painful it can be. Waylon was gone on last October but they always knew that they belonged each other. Jessi started missing her mate.

But the family is grateful that they had some extra time. They like found each other in life and were very happy.

Lambert could not put into words what dog love does to person’s heart. She loved them both endlessly and they will always stay in their heart. They were the best brothers and the most loving companions ever.

They were with this family for over 13 years and will always be. Only this pair could bring so much joy and happiness to their heart.

As Lambert mentioned dogs are magical and losing them is a heart tormenting pain. But the love they give is worth everything. And she thanked each and every one for supporting her and sending heartwarming massages.

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