Warmhearted girl requests to be given the dog who spent the most time in the shelter


This story demonstrates that genuine friendship cannot be bought. When she brought him home from the shelter, Lina intended to have a pet.

She discussed her decisions with her five-year-old child. Without a shadow of a doubt, the young girl stated that the dog’s appearance was irrelevant to her.

She also said that she wanted to adopt the animal that had been at the shelter the longest. The insightful advice from her daughter touched Mom.

She concurred with the girl because she was well aware that younger dogs had a much better chance of being adopted from shelters than older dogs did.

A large dog that had been at the shelter for more than three years accompanied the family as they returned to their home.

Lina says that the older dog didn’t think he would find new owners at that time. When he was brought back to his home, the dog kept giving guests his grateful stare.

The dog is now extremely kind and devoted, cuddling his rescuers frequently. The dog has developed into a calm companion and devoted friend as a result of the affection and care of its new owners.

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