UNBELIEVABLE!! From a usual OPERA SONG to ROCK. Hurry up to watch her shocking performance


Are you watching this amazing show where brilliant talents are discovered and always amaze with their dazzling abilities?

Of course, we are talking about the world-famous AGT show, during which there is never a shortage of words of admiration and loud applause.

As for our today’s talent, after coming on stage, she first started her performance with a usual opera song, which according to the judges was quite impressive, but seconds later she gave her performance new brighter colors, quickly increasing the tempo and switching to rock.

Of course, it was unspeakable to everyone, but it was so impressive and wonderful that it is impossible to convey those emotions in words.

At first it simply confused all the judges, because the transition from opera song to rock could not be predictable for them.

She was simply shining both with her performance and her appearance, where she appeared in a long black dress.

The point is that she was obviously very talented, but at the beginning she had not yet managed to inspire the judges to get up from their seats. However, when Christina suddenly tore her dress during her performance, it was just a sensation.

Everyone was surprised and delighted! A fantastic performance of her that undoubtedly be remembered by all of us for a long time. Now just enjoy it.

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