Unadoptable Retired Military Dogs Get New Life With Kindhearted Navy SEAL


There’s no denying that people who are a part of the military are selfless and brave individuals.

Along with the hardworking folks in the armed forces, the military working dogs are equally as diligent.

They work tirelessly alongside their handlers in areas we can’t begin to imagine.

Many people don’t realize that just like humans, animals can experience the life-altering effects that war can have on your brain and body.

When military working dogs come stateside to retire, it can be hard to live a normal life. Thanks to former Navy Seal Mike Ritland, these deserving pups are getting a second chance.

Ritland created the Warrior Dog Foundation to help retired military canines.

The foundation is built to rehabilitate the animals before finding them a happy, healthy, and loving home.

The state-of-the-art kennels, caring staff, and endless love help drive the Warrior Dog Foundation to a prosperous future for all animals that walk through their doors.

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