Two adorable puppies with special needs totally changed each other’s life realizing that they’re in the same boat…


The fact that this dog was born with 2 legs didn’t stop his future parents from adopting him, but even that is one of their favorite things about the dog.

But all was not that well for him at the beginning as his previous owners wanted to euthanize the poor baby.

However, Duke and Steph didn’t hesitate a minute when asked to welcome IHOP into their family.

“For us, IHOP have a wonderful nature and from the moment he started playing with his first toy, he stood on his hind legs and threw it,” said Steph.

IHOP is a super energetic doggie who adjusted to his new family very quickly, and at first he was still trying to learn how to get around on his 2 legs.

So the couple realized that the dog would feel good about having another dog friend that would be able to teach him how to get around.

So there was a meeting between IHOP and Millie, but it didn’t work out.

Then IHOP met a very special dog called Waffle, who was rescued when he was just 9weeks old.

He had an incapacitating spinaI cord injury that took away his legs. In addition, he also has different colored eyes.

“The veterinarian recommended us to take Waffle home and it was just a great decision.”

When the dogs met for the first time, it was just an inexplicable moment. From the very first moment they immediately became inseparable.

They seem to understand that they are “in the same boat”, both “different from others, but special”.

lHOP had become responsible for the Waffle’s movement.

When Waffle first tried his wheelchair, he was terrified, but when IHOP came to help him, he began to understand how to use it properly.

There’s just no denying how life has changed for the sweet boys since the day they started living together.

They always help and motivate each other in every matter.

“We believe that these two sweet babies were made for each other and came into our lives for a special reason.”

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