Tourist Comes Face-To-Face With Wild Cheetah As It Climbs Into Jeep


Intimacy with wildlife should be a dream come true for any wildlife fan, but probably not as close as this Irish vacationer.

During a safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara state, a man received the shock of his life after an adult came close enough for comfort. The moment was captured on camera as if seeing it is close to the heart.

Mickey McCaldin from Ireland was on a safari trip when a group of trucks met the most famous members of Masai Mara’s family. Everyone appreciated the wonderful cats, but some of them were closer than expected.

Not at all disturbed by the presence of people, some of them got into the car, but he was much more interested than them, so he jumped right into the car seat.

Or they look so gorgeous, they look so friendly, they’re just brave killers, so they can be extremely dangerous. So you can guess what your reaction would be if you come across such a wild beast.

Not surprisingly, McCaldin, who was sitting there, could not help but notice his reactions. This moment was captured on camera by David Hors, McCaldin’s good friend, who was in front of him.

“I’ve lived in Kenya my whole life as I have never seen anything like it,” said Horsey from Mombasa, Kenya. “She [Chetan] was not just afraid to stand up and stand alone.

At first, Miki was pushed back, but I guess he was quite worried that he might try to sit in his arms. “Unlike a domestic cat, you do not want that.”

It seemed like infinity to McCaldin, but he got out of the car a few minutes later. Then a group of wild cats looked at the visitors from a short distance before losing their way in the area.

“When it was burnt by Mickey, it was prevented, a few minutes behind the car,'” said Horsey, 62. “It just flew out later.”

Watch the dramatic scenes here.

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