Tom Hanks simply amazed his fans when he started playing the piano with his feet, recreating the famous movie scene in real life


Playin piano is an amazing skill and it can be considered one of the most difficult things in the world.

It takes a lot of work to be a pro, and you have to feel every note with all your heart when playing.

Now try to imagine for a second that you are doing all of that with your feet, yes yes, you read that right, with your feet. Sounds crazy, right?

A few days ago, during one of the world-famous shows, Tom Hanks and Sandr aBullock did just that, comparing their skills.

They made it look so easy that everyone just enjoyed every second of it. All of this was very symbolic, especially when they saw To doing it in real life.

There is a scene in one of his movies where he jumps on a giant piano and starts playing it with his feet. It was just shocking.

After making a few notes, Jonathan just stepped aside, allowing Hanks to surprise the crowd one more time.

Everyone just enjoyed watching him and he let them enjoy it again. Tthat wonderful moment was once again performed on stage, leaving people in awe.

The comment section was also full of many many warm words from fans who said that it was very nice for them to see their favorite artists on stage. They were able to recreate the iconic scenes of their fave movies.

Even though it seemed very easy, people should appreciate what they have done, because it is actually difficult.

You can watch the performance that won the hearts of many people below. It became one of our all-time fave moments of the show and we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are.

Hurry up to watch it here and share your feelings about it.

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