Tiger’s Motherly Instincts Let Her Save Twin Unresponsive Cubs In Breathtaking Moment


Believe it or not, maternal instincts are something that women are born with naturally.

It is not about man, but about all beings. If you do not believe, this is a fascinating process of birth of a wild sumatran tiger that can shake your mind.

The Australian Zoo was overseeing a rare, heart-wrenching scene when the mother tiger knew exactly what to do to save her unresponsive babies.

When she gave birth for the first time, Caitlin acted as if she had a great deal of experience licking her pups to remove the amniotic sacs and encourage them to breathe again.

She knew how to clean her two babies until the amniotic fluid was gone and the babies could breathe normally.

Caitlin was not previously trained to do these things, but her inner motherly instincts forced her to do so, much to the surprise of the staff.

Giles Clark, who stood next to the tiger when he gave birth to twins, was able to film the process. The other crew was watching him closely from the monitor because they did not want to disturb or frighten the mother tiger.

According to the WWF, the Sumatran tiger is classified as an endangered species, with an estimated population of less than 400 today.

Therefore, when the Sumatran tiger is about to give birth, it is necessary for it to remain under the care and assistance of the zoo staff. Watch the exciting shots here.

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