Through the dog door, a street cat just entered the house of a stranger and handed him all of her kitties


Tom, a Los Angeles resident, was doing his own thing at home one day when he saw a cat he had never seen before.

The cat entered his house through the dog door that served as the rear entrance. Shortly after that, the same cat came back to his house, but this time she was carrying a small kitten.

When the kitten was brought inside, the cat began looking for a place to keep it right away.

Tom gave the cat a large cardboard box that he had filled with a plush blanket while maintaining his composure.

Before heading out through the dog door, Talia, the cat, lay down with the kitten inside the box for a while. The cat came back, this time carrying a black kitten.

After three more trips outside, she then brought Tom three more kittens. After he provided her with water and food bowls, the cat happily slept in the box and cleaned her young.

Using her sixth sense, the devoted mother knew that Tom was a decent person who might be able to help her and her kittens. The kittens were raised in a cozy, loving environment close to her.

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