This woman became mom at 65. Here is what her little family looks like now


It seemed like just yesterday that the entire nation was talking about a woman who became a mother at the age of 65 and has a daughter who is already 10 years old.

How do the country’s oldest mother and her heir now live? Despite Valentina’s two marriages, she was unable to experience motherhood’s joy.

The doctors made a terrifying diagnosis after a thorough examination: she will not be able to conceive and will need IVF as her only option.

Naturally, a common woman lacked a lot of money, so she took on two more jobs and began working hard to save every penny. Following 7 years, the sum was gathered.

Despite the woman’s advanced age and high risk of miscarriage, there were no contraindications. There were no assurances, and the likelihood is one in a million.

Fortunately, everything went according to plan, and in 2011, Valentina gave birth to a stunning daughter named Anna Maria. Presently the young lady is as of now 10, while her mom is 75!

Because she is so concerned about what might happen to Anna-Maria, Valentina goes to school with the girl and sits in class with her on occasion.

The girl herself is becoming very active, teachers are praised for their student’s academic performance, and Anna is scolded for being restless, just like any other little girl.

In a nutshell, Maria is like everyone else. It is important to note that, despite Valentina’s ability to be a grandmother, no one laughs at Anna or condemns her—this is the most important thing.

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