This is how the adorable lamb asks the farmer to keep petting him! Watch the sweet video here.


Lambs are one of the cutest and gentlest creatures in our life, with such sweet faces that when you look at them you want to say “wow”.

In addition to cute and sweet faces, it turns out that lambs are also very smart.

The thing is, we don’t usually think of these animals as pets, but if you spend a little time with them, your opinion might change.

What do you think is the main difference between a puppy and a lamb? Of course, it is not a very easy question at first glance, because they are both adorable and smart.

Just a little time and that fact will be proven. A man recently posted a sweet video with some animals on his farm.

However, in this clip, the main characters were not cows or donkeys, but lambs.

He was walking outside that day when a very beautiful thing happened. While he was lying on the grass, some of his lambs began to approach him.

They seemed clearly looking for some attention and wanted him to pet them like a pet.

They were so adorable and seemed to start complaining when he stopped petting them.

They behaved like a dog or cat, because such reactions are mostly characteristic of them.

The little creatures know exactly what they want and how to get it. Determined, they persuaded the man to keep petting them. So sweet!!!

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