This is how now looks Nastya Knyazeva, who was a child model


Presenter and a young model from Russia. In 2017, she was named the “most beautiful lady in the world” by the British edition of The Daily Mail.

She will soon turn nine. She manages her own Instagram account, which has more than a million followers, with the assistance of her mother.

Nastya is not only stunning but also exceptionally talented and comfortable in front of the camera.

She gets shooting requests from a lot of well-known brands, and some musicians want women to appear in their music videos.

Recently, Nastya’s mother added new photos to her Facebook profile. In these pictures, she looks completely different, and the focus is on her “branded” bangs, which are brushed back.

Naturally, there are a lot of people who just think of Anastasia as a normal little girl and don’t appreciate how beautiful she is.

The majority of her followers, on the other hand, continue to congratulate and wish her success.

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