This is considered the biggest family of UK who has 22 children. Here is how and where they live!


The Redford family is considered the Biggest family in Great Britain.

The couple are both 48 years old and have three grandchildren, making a total of 22 children.

The first question that arises is how they cope with so many children.

Their older children help their parents, who recently opened their own bakery.

The family is not supported by the government in any way, that is why they pay all their expenses through this small business of theirs.

Spouses Sue and Noel were 14 years old when they started dating.

They were 7 years old, when they first met. The couple already has 22 children, as the woman gives birth almost every year.

They bought their big house back in 2004. Two of their children are already married and live separately with their families.

Their house is quite big, consisting of ten rooms, two floors and a basement.

Since the house is full of many people, it is sometimes difficult to maintain order there.

To make it convenient for everyone, they use every open space in their house.

The living room has a large sofa on which all the children sit and enjoy their favorite cartoons together.

Their breakfast mainly consists of milk and cereal. In addition, their mother does about 10 loads of laundry every day.

Despite some difficulties, they are happy together and are able to do help each other if needed.

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