This heroic man who lives in Syria opened a shelter and now feeds 100 stray cats


Undoubtedly, you should also get to know this wonderful person, whose name is Mohammad Ala Aljaleli.

He is from Syria and people often call him “Cat Man of Aleppo”. For years, Aljalil has considered it his duty to take care of more than a hundred abandoned and stray cats, staying with them “no matter what.”

Many of you know that this city has been considered a war zone for years, which more than 45,000 people have already left to save their lives.

Mohammad is an electrician by profession, but after the war started, he drove ambulances, helping people in need. It was then that he founded his own cat shelter called Il Gattaro d’Aleppo.

In the beginning, the number of cats was 20, and today the number of animals is more than 100.

Since many people were leaving their homes in those days, leaving their pets without owners, he had the idea to create a shelter for them. Many people, already knowing about it, even brought their cats and left them with Aljalil.

Recently, a little girl visited him to leave her cat in the shelter of Aljalil, because they were going to leave the country.

The girl started crying only asking Aljalil to send her the pictures of her cat and he certainly did not refuse her…

What a wonderful person… This man truly deserves our deep gratitude for his selfless work.

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