This girl from India cries with stones and scientists find it impossible to explain this unique phenomenon


An unusual girl is the focus of this story. Our Indian hero cried with stones, whereas most children her age would cry tears of sadness or frustration. A 15-year-old’s family asserts that this has never occurred before.

Over a hundred of these videos are in the family’s possession. Indeed, no one wanted to believe in such a thing without video recording.

The fact that the rate of deposit formation is simply incredible was the source of most of the questions from doctors. Internet users reacted with a great deal of skepticism to this story after it was published.

Surprised in India, it has been suggested that the girl’s parents are forcing her to put pebbles in her eyes to get attention.

The parents eventually learned to accept their daughter’s odd behavior and found other ways to comfort her.

The people of India, in contrast to the Internet community, have been in shock for several days. The girl’s village is literally shaken to its core.

It’s possible that the ability to cry with stones was unusual. It also showed how strong her feelings were and how different her perspective on the world was.

She was unique and loved for who she was, even though she was different from other people.

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