This dog has been rejected over and over again until this lady sees her beauty


Beaux Tox, a dog with a deformed face who was born, was abandoned multiple times before being saved by a woman.

Sometimes, people judge someone based on how they look, forgetting that what really matters is how beautiful they are inside.

Lucky is a dog that has been left behind numerous times due to his distinctive appearance.

One person met this wonderful dog, but many others who saw him couldn’t get over what they saw and didn’t give themselves the chance.

Due to Lucky’s facial deformity and birth in a kennel, he was listed as unsellable.

As a result, he was taken to a shelter to find a place to live, but finding a place to live was very hard because people treated him differently because of how he looked.

He went through a lot of homes during the adoption process before finding a home near Austin, Texas, where it looked like his luck was about to change.

Lucky lived a very depressing and lonely life despite having found a home for life because his landlord didn’t want him there.

Lucky was kept outside because the woman had cats; Sometimes chained to a tree for days, without litter or human contact.

Even food was scarce for the poor dog; He was treated poorly, neglected, and abused, and no one showed him the love he truly deserved.

Because they were moving and did not want to take him with them, the family ultimately decided to return him to the shelter; It was clear that Lucky did not belong to their family.

The dog was adopted once more, but his new family soon decided to leave him at the shelter. However, a post on social media changed everything!

Lucky was groomed by a shelter volunteer before being taken to the pictures. Lucky got the right person to see the pictures when they were shared on social media; Jamie Hult, the volunteer’s friend.

The woman was moved by Lucky’s story and wanted to meet him right away. Even better, she wanted to take care of him right away!

iHeartdogs heard from Jamie: “I immediately contacted him and said, “I want this dog,” and it turned out to be someone from my dog rescue community. I want to adopt this dog, not just place him in foster care.

Due to heartworm disease, Lucky was unfortunately in poor health and required immediate veterinary attention. Jamie didn’t care that the dog had fleas and was malnourished;

He would open his heart and wallet to her because he loved her. Lucky had a long way to go before he could get better, but with the help of good doctors, he soon got better completely.

The handsome dog has a new name now that he has a new home, new life, and a new favorite person. He was known as “Beaux Tox.”

Jamie stated, I gave him the name “Beaux Tox” because it seems like he needs botox, which is fine. We value beauty in all its manifestations.

I also spent a lot of money on the dog beads, which is why I don’t have botox! Everything has been fun and happy for Jamie and Beaux Tox ever since they moved in together.

He is now a happy dog in good health; The days of suffering and discrimination caused by trees are long gone.

Beaux Tox doesn’t have to worry about being rejected because he looks different from other people; all he has to do is enjoy all the love his human mother gives him.

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