This adorable couple got married for 24 times: there are 26 more times left


This lovely woman accepts related congratulations on marriage and works as a skilled nurse in one of the clinics. She and George are engaged.

Because the nurse got married, things aren’t as easy as they seem. She married the man 24 times, each time after another. However, she intends to knot 26 more times and has no intention of stopping.

Every year, this family gets married, and it becomes a good tradition. It started when this couple had to prove their commitment to the cause to their family members.

Then, young people wed away from their loved ones in secret. A second ceremony was necessary because of this. The responsible authorities of two distinct states signed two documents that were presented to the couple.

At that point, young people considered the possibility of getting married annually in various regions. Leah and George immediately got to work putting their plan into action.

Despite the fact that they are always newlyweds, this does not imply that they are brash or frivolous about marriage. Because they swear oaths to each other each year, they strengthen their relationships in this way.

This is an excellent chance to reconsider your beliefs and rekindle your love for your significant other.

Themed wedding receptions with a large number of guests accompany traditional wedding ceremonies. With this method, you can unwind with close friends and gain new perspectives.

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