They were expecting a baby. After the birth they had a double reason for happiness


2018 saw the birth of one of the largest boys. His weight at birth was 7.09 kilograms! Niko was the name of the miraculous hero.

He is the only boy in the family and already the eighth child. The parents didn’t know until after the baby was born that it would be a son, and the family’s father didn’t even immediately believe it.

Their previous daughter was also born large, as the contented mother notes. Her weight at birth was 6.5 kilograms. However, Niko broke every record.

The content father acknowledges that the boy surprised many people. However, the family is not yet ready for festive meals.

Every thought is about feeding a large family. Therefore, I must earn additional income without relying on government assistance, asserts Alex.

Because the Dyadko family lives the most private and ordinary life, there is very little information about the mature Niko on the Internet.

Journalists visited the house after the boy was born, but you can now only find rare photos on social media.

Regardless of the challenges and the old house, which is as of now 100 years of age, the family views itself as the most joyful and most amiable, and this is truly significant for them.

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