They wanted to have babies but didn’t succeed for a long time and… It was the best surprise ever!!


They wanted to have children, but they did not succeed for a long time, but after the 13th attempt, she finally got pregnant.

They were simply stunned when they heard the news. But there were one more surprise …

It turned out that the couple was expecting six babies at once.

They were simply amazed that after so many failures, fortune would finally smile on them .

This was such a pleasant shock for them.

It was November 18, 1983, when 6 healthy daughters were born.

At first, of course, it was very difficult for the couple. Then the school years began.

They say that they have always been proud of their 6 daughters and they have been friends from a very early age.

Now the daughters are 34 , but nothing has changed between them over the years.

Some of them got married, others had successful careers.

The family recently organized an amazing trip to New York.

They are very happy that they have such wonderful daughters and even a granddaughter already.

Their dream seems to have come true and over time the family continues to grow.

Every year they will have many many grandsons and granddaughters and will spend as much time with them as they want because they have enough free time for that.

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