They notice a pup almost to collapse after giving birth in a construction


The conditions of stray animals is become worse with time as their number is increasing, but nobody is doing anything to save them. In each city there are lots of street animals that face bunch of problems every single day.

The proof of this fact is this poor mama dog that had to gave birth to her babies on a construction site. She nearly collapsed after giving birth.

Fortunately the dog was found by an animal rescue company that is called Animal Aid India, that were able to take the mother and her babies to the hospital.

Sadly this is not the only such kind of story, many stray animals end up searching refuge in places as dangerous as this.

Luckily a kind woman who wanted to help the animal called the shelter to save the mom and her newborn babies. They had to recover from traumatic and troublesome birth after getting medical attention.

Fortunately they were fine and the babies would grow up healtyhu and strong. The canine would be sterilized once her pups no longer need her to breastfeed, in order to prevent the increasing number of stray pups.

The poor mommy was so tired that the only thing she wanted was to hug her little babies and save them even if she breaths her last breath.

However, the happy ending for this story was possible thanks to the kind woman who helped them. Their lives are heading to a brighter direction after their rescue.

And they for sure will have the quality of life that they always deserved. We need to be more attentive to construction areas as these are the places where mostly the stray animals are hiding.

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