They not only made everybody laugh but also captured the heart of Simon… Watch the video below


Do you know who the 2 most recent winners of the show “Ameica’s Got Talent” are, if not, pay attention, because now we are going to tell about them. They are Darcy Linn Farmer and Shin Lim, a magical illusionist. They both competed in the finals of the show.

In the end, Lim won with his attractive card trick, but of course, Darcy’s performance was also unforgettable.

The key to her success was her beloved doll, Edna, who is definitely in love with Simon.

Darcy had participated before, but was eliminated from the competition.

This time she had a chance to return as she was awarded the “wild card” contestant. which serves as a free pass to the finals.

Darcy was very excited and also mentioned that she never imagined that she and her doll could go so far.

So along with her doll Edna and Rolf the Dog of the Muppets, Darcy came on stage and even was called one of the most wonderful and extraordinary performers in the history of the worldwide famous show.

When they finished it, at the end,approached to Edna and kissing her told her that he really loved her and that he was sorry for not calling. You can already watch the whole performansce yourself. Have a nice watching.

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