These officers, after losing the dedicated K6 officer dog killed during the case, gathered to say goodbye to him


Because pets are so attached to our wonderful, friendly companions who fill our hearts with joy, always rejoice in our saddest days, it is really hard to imagine that they can serve as true officers in the K9 Squadron.

There, everyone treats them like other officers. So when one of them dies, it’s really a big, irreparable loss for everyone who serves there. Pets are thought to be members of the force, as are their mortal companions.

This heroic dog, Fargo, has been a force to be reckoned with since he was just 8 months old. And after serving the dog, devoting his whole life to his career, he was tragically killed during one of the thefts.

The fact broke everyone’s heart they could not hold back their eyes.

All his loyal supporters gathered in a letter dedicated to their late friend. The emotional moment is fixed, you can see, how Fargo’s legendary friends show their respect and honor to him in the following shots.

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