These lovebirds have been together for 82 years and this year celebrated their 100th and 103th birthdays


Nowadays, we rarely meet couples who have been married for decades. What do you think is the secret of those couples who have been together for abouy 70 years?

Of course, the answer can rarely match. One of the main tips is to never go to bed angry at each other. Of course, it is also very important to build stronger trust and communication about everything over the years.

And what will you say when you know that this couple has been together for 82 years?

This couple definitely deserves all our words of love and appreciation. They also celebrated their 103rd and 100th anniversaries this year.

It was one of the most memorable birthdays of these lovebirds, which they celebrated by dancing and singing together with friends and family.

Their granddaughter said that seeing her grandparents so well at this age just warms her heart.They even appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest couple married.

They noted that they do not have such a secret, which is the guarantee of such a long relationship.

You just need to be kind and tolerant towards each other. Of course, they are simply wonderful and it must be said that having a decent heart is the key to a really long and happy life.

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