These dogs from shelter that were rescued together sleep side by side every single night!


Romeo and Damian are pit bulls that were saved together at the age of 5.

The appalling little guys were malnourished, dried out, and shedding pounds when the Nassau County SPCA found them, and their ribs, spine, and hips were apparent.

They were promptly moved to the neighborhood veterinarian center to start getting care that they had clearly never gotten.

The veterinarians checked the canines and found that, notwithstanding different issues, Romeo had a metal unfamiliar body in his stomach.

The two canines have a drawn out, difficult experience to mend, yet the disregard and enduring they encountered didn’t pound their soul…

Both Romeo and Damian need human contact and have experienced passionate feelings for anyone who helps them heal.The Nassau County SPCA’s chief, Maria Mora, told The Dodo, “They are both truly exquisite.”

“Kissing is their strength. They will, notwithstanding, require a preparation to work on their habits.”

As much while they love individuals, Romeo and Damian have a truly cozy relationship and seem to reassure each other as they recover and hang tight for their ideal permanent spots to live to find them.

When Romeo and Damian rest, they continually need to be contacting and cuddle up near each other…… what’s more, it’s the cutest thing of all time.

“They will be accessible for reception after they have been medicinally confirmed, which we expect will be any day now,” Mora added.

Romeo and Damian have experienced a ton, yet with the heros’ shared guide and fondness, they are more than anxious to continue and embrace their subsequent open door.

Assuming that you might want to take on Romeo or Damian (or both! ), if it’s not too much trouble, contact the Nassau County SPCA.

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