These adopted boys got very emotional over 1st ever birthday celebrations.”It’s a blessing cake.”


Birthday cakes have another energy that gives us all the joy and happiness. Even a slight thought of an upcoming birthday automatically gives the idea of birthday cake.

However this was not the case for Abraham and James Walker until recently. The childhood of this two was terrific. They lived on the streets until one day they got into the orphanage.

But the only thing that changed their life fundamentally was them being adopted by a great family. Ever since their life has been full of incredible and amazing firsts.

From the very first day they walked into this house they had lots of magical moments. One of tem was the New Year’s Santa Clause presents. Everything was magic for them.

But one of the most touching and magical moments for them was when Abraham got his very own birthday cake. The first one that was only for him with his name on it.

It was a blessing cake for him. When he first saw the cake he was shocked and then he ran to his father to give him a long and warm hug. He felt saw emotional at that moment.

All his siblings were present on this emotional moment, including James who got his cake weks later. But as he is more ‘serious’ personality he doesn’t think that we would get so emotional as his brother did.

Of course  she was so wrong. It was the most intense hug I’ve ever had Jamie wrote. His joy, love gratitude could be felt through it.

This boys’ reaction shows us how to appreciate the little but wonderful things in our life.

Only that little things and amazing moments make this life what it is.

So let’s appreciate now and then every little present and happy moments that we get.

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