The wonderful want-to-be mama canine babysits foster kitties like her own little babies


This is Megan a woman who always loved helpng other pets and did it for a long time now. With that her pup Kona assisted her and did the best to support and be around the amazing and sweet little pets.

So some days ago Megan got across with some kitties and tried to find their mommy. Sadly they were not able to find the mother so she decided to foster them.

When they came home the pup was already at the entrance and it seemed as it she was telling her handler to let herlook after for the sweet ones.

Megan tried to make a temporary corner for the kiddos in the bathroom and the cute pup would come and stare at them from a far or even come closer and stuck her head inside their tunnel.

And every time Kona appeared in the bath she was either playing with the cats or grooming time. The little ones would jump up on her and she would play with them around.

Megan read in her eyes that all she wanted was to be around the little ones. Finally they were introduced to the other animals as well and Kona introduced to them and it was like showing that they can play around and have fun with them.

She was overprotective and would always keep an eye on the kitties. And she also was showing the other pups how they should play with them and how to interact with them.

And thanks to her attitude the other ones became more accepting and loving towards them.

Megan was sure that her pup was the best foster mommy ever and so thanks to her the kittens became more independent and also knew that they always have Kona.

Soon they all got adopted and thanks to her experience Kona became more sociable.


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