The woman woke up by the loud barking of the rottweiler and immediately rushed to the barn…


Brenda Kramer was a woman from Florida who woke up early Sunday morning.

The rottweiler’s loud barking and furious growling woke her up at once, and she quickly ran to the barn, because that was where all the noise was coming from.

When she entered the barn, she was shocked to find that someone had tried to steal her horses.

They had managed to enter the barn through a side door.

When the woman was there, her Rottweiler was still barking and it soon became clear to her why the electricity was off .

One of the horses was still roped because the Rottweiler was able to interrupt the attackers, preventing them from finishing their work.

Examining the horses more closely, Brenda found cuts and scratches on them as well.

If it weren’t for these Rottweiler, there is no doubt that this story would have had a much more tragic ending for horses.

However, the rottweiler was also got injured in the fight, because one of the intruders stabbed him twice.

The fact that horsemeat is quite expensive fully explains the reason for this attack.

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