The woman feeds the blind raccoon, then sets records when she brings her two little “bodyguards”


For over five years, a kind lady named Erin cared for the raccoon.

The half-blind pet appeared at his door in Illinois, and since then the lover of these real animals has been leaving food for him on his balcony every day.

But one day as the raccoon set out for dinner, Erin saw that she was not alone, as she had two unusually close friends with her. Two cubs protected him.

So when Erin noticed them, she quickly picked up her camera and set a “record.” He recorded a wonderful video showing how the raccoon connected with his good friends.

From that day on, the raccoon and his friends had dinner with each other in the morning. When they finish eating, the kittens accompany him directly to the wild.

But one day the cats appeared without a raccoon. The wonderful creature is dead. He lived for at least 5 years, much longer than a normal raccoon, one to three years.

And now that the raccoon is gone, Erin could not be alone with her friends. So the woman decided to adopt domestic cats and invite them to her family.

They even befriended his other domestic cat.

Thanks to Erin’s treatment, as well as the help of her kitten’s bodyguards, the blind raccoon was able to live a long, long life.

By watching this video, you will discover many lessons about love and generosity.

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