The woman drags the dog to the dumpster in the cage to finally leave him


The camera of a woman from the Screeven area of the state of Georgia was recorded and recognized after she left her dog in the garbage cans.

In the video you can see him climbing in his truck, opening the back door, and dragging the box to the trash can before finally leaving. The little dog looks so lost and scared, that he even approaches the next people who appear.

Screven County Animal Control contacted the Screven County Sheriff’s Office for assistance in identifying the woman in charge, according to Jacqueline Simon Roberts, 30, of Sylvania, Georgia.

He was arrested, charged with animal cruelty, and abandoned a pet. The woman was later released on bail pending further legal proceedings.

The Facebook page of the Screven County Sheriff’s Office says that the dog was taken: into good hands and cared for until he finds an eternal home.

Sheriff Mike Kyle wants to remind people that it is never good to leave an unwanted pet.

“He had options available, but he did not accept any of them,” Keele told the WTOC. “They were there. He just wouldn’t take them. Why? Only the Lord knows. But it is pointless for an animal to suffer as it did. ”



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