The video of kittens first meeting with the snow got 6 million views and counting


You will see a variety of kittens playing in the snow in this video. This is their first encounter with it. When you first saw snow, don’t you remember that feeling?

It is cold and wet, but until it melts, it is dry. They are pouncing their way through it and chasing it. trying to understand this strange snow phenomenon.

Most cats don’t like anything wet, but snow is different and stays that way until it melts, so they play in it like a big, fluffy cotton field.

While one is attempting to catch snowflakes through the glass door, another is chasing the snow as their parent tosses it off a snow shovel.

Some cats will go outside, bury their paws in the snow, turn around, and return to the house. While others cannot resist their curiosity.

Despite the fact that I only contributed a few hundred views, this video currently has 2.5 million views. Watching it is just so adorable!

During the winter, one of my cats demands that the electric fireplace be turned on for her. She enjoys staying warm. She would probably join the 10% who would turn around and return inside, in my opinion.

This video is sure to make you feel better this winter. Make sure you tell your friends about it to make them feel warm and fuzzy.

I know you enjoy it because it has over 45 thousand likes! Share it with your friends and hit the “like” button so they can do the same!

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