The talented twins play so beautifully that it feels like their music touches every part of your heart


These identical twins managed to shock the whole world with their amazing talent and presenting already existing works anew.

They are Kennerly and Camille playing acoustic harp togetherr instead of playing separately, which makes them even more rare and wonderful.

They have the name ‘The Harp Twins’, whose last song was Metallica’s “One”, which they delivered to the world in an even more original and exciting way.

Their duet is extremely impressive! One can endlessly enjoy the wonderful performances of the two sisters.

When you listen to their music, it seems as if it penetrates all corners of your soul and makes you forget all your worries.

As a result of combining their talents, Kamil and Kennerly were able to give new meaning and breath to hard metal replacing classical music.

They do it so perfectly that it seems that their hearts enter into a dialogue and take you into the world they have created.

Hurry up and enjoy this stunning performance now, as words are not enough to convey the incredible work of the talented sisters. How amazing!

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