The talented photographer managed to capture a super rare scene of sperm whales with a diving model


And what do you think: Do sperm sleep and if so, how do they do it? Although this question may seem quite simple to many, scientists have actually been looking for an answer for a very long time.

And what about the photographer Franco Banfi, he managed not only to find the answer to that question, but also to capture it.

He photographed the sleeping sea giants and brought them to us in every detail.

Here you can enjoy it.

Scientists were able to capture sleeping whales only in 2008, when a group of scientists from Japan and Great Britain conducted research specifically for this purpose.

During their observations, they stumbled upon a herd of sperm whales. They were completely motionless in the water at that time.

Then, as a result of their further research, they managed to find out that these whales spend about 7% of their lives in a dream.

Giant creatures sleep in short intervals during the day, which generally last from 6 to 24 minutes on average.

The photographer took great photos, making Sabrina Belloni a diving model next to sleeping spermatozoa.

The photos turned out just great, and besides, these sea creatures look even more formidable next to humans.

As clumsy as sperm may seem, in the elements of the ocean seem to embody grace and harmony.

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