The sweet owl started visiting the 98-year-old every day after her husband passed away


Shayi Wardy told that it has been 2 years since he visited his grandmother and there he always found her very special guest.

The animal has become her regular visitor and is always gets so excited when he visits Ranna. The thing is that for 2 years, granny Ranna has been visited by a sweet owl. The grandma is 98 yeas old who lives in Phoenix..

These little sweet meetings have become permanent and are also special because the snimsl first visited her the day of the her husband’s memorial ceremony and afyer that day he came to see her almost every day.

Although this owl is also very affectionate towards other family members and allows each of them to get close to him, but still, the only person he will “talk” to in his heart is Grandma Ranna.

Shai witnessed one of their conversations recently and it is even more precious and beautiful than we can imagine.

“My grandma has the sweetest soul,” Shai noted. “Her intelligence and wisdom always prove that 98 is just a number.

Her and my grandfather’s love was so special and beautiful that our whole family always considered them as one.”

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