The sweet baby cat, who overcame a hurricane, became the “protector” of another rescued kitty


After overcoming Hurricane Ian, this kitty became the protector of another orphan in need.

Rumi was wandering outside during hurricane when he was spotted by kind people and taken to a veterinary clinic.

He needed frequent feeding and proper care. They wanted to find a foster home for the kitten that would give him all the love and attention he needed.

So when Nadija found out about this, she just couldn’t stand the sweet face of the baby and immediately offered to help.

After moving to his new home the baby felt great next to his foster mother and after a short time he even responded to her voice.

After three weeks, the kitten was strong enough to start making small excursions around the house.

As he became more active and curious, he needed a companion for himself.

A kitten named Mia was scared and nervous at first, but when she was introduced to Rumi, who lived in the same house, her heart seemed to warm.

At first they walked around their territory smelling each other. Since Mia was still a bit shy, the brave Rumi immediately took on the role of big sister, taking Mia under her “protection”.

After that they became inseparable in a very short time, spending their whole day together.

These 2 little babies are just thriving in foster care, and now that they’ve found each other, they couldn’t be happier.

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