The super smart dog came to the store to buy his favorite cookies in a very unusual way


No matter how much it seems that we have already heard everything about dogs, these animals always find other ways to surprise us.

They are much smarter than we can imagine. They need very little time to get to know people and understand behavior.

After a very short time, most of them can imitate us and our voice or facial expressions.

A black labrador living in Colombia decided to use tree leaves to pay for his favorite cookies.

This sweet dog has no owner, but is being cared for by children from a nearby school, giving him food and a comfortable place to sleep.

Having made his life there over the years, the dog of course noticed that the children, entering the store, pay for food, so he decided to do the same one day.

He plucked a leaf from the tree and placed it on the counter of the store. Of course, the employees understood the purpose.

They were so moved by the dog’s adorable act, that they immediately accepted his payment method and gave him his favorite cookies.

It was such a sweet and adorable scene that he will long remain in their memory as their most special customer.

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