The stray cat appeared in the police station and decided that it’s the most perfect place to live


You can meet doggos in police stations all over the world and it is quite a common thing.

However, we think you will agree that the same cannot be said about cats.

Along with all that, a stray cat recently showed up in their building’s yard, clearly in need of attention.

This cat seems to have come to say that they accept quite a lot of dogs and only post pictures of them, and according to him, it’s time to show some love to the cats too.

Apparently, the kitten was very friendly and they easily managed to get along with the baby: the cat acted as if he wanted to hug all the officers, making everyone’s day somewhat lighter.

You can get acquainted with his adventurous entertainment there by looking at the pictures presented below. He obviously had a great time there.

He was named Kingsley, a confident cat who found his perfect place by joining the Columbia Police Department.

He managed to win everyone’s hearts within minutes. His goal was quite clear: to take selfies with everyone he met there. He did it in a very professional way.

Of course, they tried to find his owner first, but failed. So one of the officers loved him so much that he offered to be his forever family.

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