The staff found a moving family sheltered in the warehouse, did not hesitate to help them


The contents of the hill of parcels, which led to the garden section, astonished the workers in the house depot.

Moving items from one store to another is common, but no one expects to find life, for example, in mulch bags.

It happened to a Colorado Home Depot employee who discovered a shocking scene that captured his heart, not a product.

The worker was astonished to see a family of hairy animals resting in a shelter set up between mulch bags.

Organic products seemed to be the most comfortable place for small animals to crouch or sleep.

The little animals were nothing but adorable newborn raccoons with their tails cleaned.

Because the animals were so small that they could not get there on their own, the most likely explanation is that the mother built the small shelter herself.

When we look at the makeshift cave, we see that the mother worked hard to build it, but it was worth it for her children.

Although he punctured several bundles of goods at work, we believe that the manager did not find the incident particularly scandalous.

In the store, however, according to photos provided by Imgur user Elborrach0666, they took care not to endanger the animals, but to worry more.

The business waited a few days for the mother to return, but the raccoon did not return, so they called the Wildlife Department and handed over the three raccoons, which they named Rocket, Nibbler Jr. each Nacho:

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