The soldier adopted the severly injured hero dog who saved his life without a moment’s hesitation


This dog was Julian’s hero, and now he does everything possible to make her the happiest dog ever..

Sergeant Julian Macdonald could not even imagine that that day could be fatal for him.

One day the sergeant had sent the dog to search the building, and he had to follow the rest of the troops.

However, after some time shots were heard from that same building.

There were gunmen inside the building who shot Laika four times before turning their sights on the soldiers .

But despite her grievous wounds, Laika continued to fight , managing to incapacitate her assailant and save the lives of the soldiers.

Her surgery lasted seven hours. The doctors did everything to save her life.

Fortunately, everything was crowned with success and her life was saved, except that the hero dog was left with only one leg.

But the fact that she was at least alive was the most important thing. After that she still had to undergo physical therapy before she could walk again.

Then the soldiers whose lives the brave dog had saved , decided to set up a fund was set up to treat her injured paw.

The best part of it all was that despite warnings from the people who was close to him, that the dog’s past traumas could make her aggressive as a family pet, MacDonald her trainer decided to adopt her.

And guess what? After adopting the dog, the once aggressive dog turned into an ideal pet. She lies on her back and lets the soldier play with her.

MacDonald will owe his whole life to this dog, which saved him without a moment’s hesitation. Now he plans to give the retired dog a peaceful and happy life, which she truly deserves.

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