The sickly fat pig is depressed after the death of its owner and loses the will to live


The Mary Leigh pig was 300 300 when she was first found rotting in an isolated yard. His owner had died, his extreme obesity made him an unwanted pet, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The poor girl was angry and depressed, dragging her huge belly to the ground, while the bags of oily skin hanging over her eyes closed her eyes.

When the staff of Ziggy’s Animal Refuge heard about it, they realized that she desperately needed help to lose weight and survive. But when they reached the yard, he refused to destroy himself in the dirt.

He refused to communicate with the rescuers due to obvious distrust, which only made their work more difficult.

Rescuers eventually bribed Mary Lee with a trail of vanilla waffles, which led to the rescue truck. As soon as he was loaded, they drove him to a sanctuary where many other special needs farm animals like him were sheltered.

They had arranged a private house for him, which was full of all kinds of luxuries, just to make him feel safe and comfortable.

When Mary Lee settled comfortably into her new home, rescuers finally turned to the elephant in the room for her weight loss plan. Not only was Mary Lee overweight but she also ate healthy food.

He immediately gave up salads, vegetables and snacks, and rescuers were thinking about how to work with his sensitivity and lack of motivation.

However, the rescuers did not lose hope and developed a healthy diet that was “effective” for easy taste bubbles. This video documents Mary Lee’s inspiring journey as she lost 55 pounds in her first six months at the sanctuary.

He is halfway there, but the future holds so much promise for him. Good luck, Mary Ley.

Click on the video below to watch Mary Lee’s inspiring transformation as she loses weight and begins to live her life again.

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