The service dog who used to be too shy from everyone became very friendly after meeting his BFF


What refers to service dogs they are known to have a high sense of responsibilty and are also well-trained dogs.

They specialize in various types of services, so they can often forget about even a little fun in their lives.

This was also the case with the Golden Retriever Samson, who, despite being a great service dog, was very shy.

He knew only one thing in this life: to help people wholeheartedly.

However, along with all that, he avoided other dogs a lot.

He often sat in a corner and did not want to play with other dogs.

Despite his great desire to play with them, he could never muster courage to join them.

He felt very constrained. His owner was very worried about the condition of his dog, so he decided to bring home a little baby to play with Samson.

At first, he didn’t have high expectations from Samson, but what happened just amazed him. After seeing the kitten, the dog got very very excited.

It was just a great decision, for which Samson was obviously very grateful to his owner.

The kitty was named Cleo. The sweet dog played with him non-stop when he returned from his work.

The meeting with Cleo completely changed hi’s life. They felt great together.

Their owner tied the cat tightly to Samson’s back, so that the kitten would not fall,when they were walking together.

The doggie always wanted to do everything with the kittie.

This was perhaps one of the sweetest duos we had ever met.

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