The senior dog, who had been waiting for his forever home all his life, got adopted by the most caring family


Dogs living in shelters just need a loving forever home.

They do not need anything else to be happy, but unfortunately, it is not always easy.

Dogs can also become sad and emotional when they see their friends find their homes but they stay there, sad and lonely.

That’s why shelters goout of their way to encourage people to adopt these animals.

However, it does not always happen easy and fast. Senior dogs are generally considered difficult to adopt.

As for Kane, he was not only old, but also big, which in turn was a serious challenge, cause most of the apartments do not allow such big dogs to be kept in the house.

Kane has also several problems, one of which is that he has arthritis. In addition, one of his eyes is blind and the other has poor vision.

All of that made it even more difficult to adopt him, because people mostly prefer to adopt puppies.

At the time, Kane was in foster care eagerly waiting for his future parents.

They were doing everything they could to find him a forever home as soon as possible, including broadcasting news, postin on social media and so on.

Fortunately, their efforts finally paid off as a wonderful family noticed the post about the old dog and immediately contacted his adoptive parents for adoption.

It was Phil and Eva Halverson, with whom Kane lives now. Now the dog has the love and care he dreamed of all his life.

The dog now feels very happy in his new home, where he also has siblings who welcomed him very warmly.

We are all so happy that this sweet dog finally got what he truly deserved.

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